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We are a group of computational organic chemists at the University of Houston. We enjoy our "screen-time." But even more so the chemical insights we get out of it.

A central theme of our work is recognizing the interpretive power of fuzzy chemical concepts fuzzy chemical concepts (like aromaticity and antiaromaticity) for explaining the "why's and how's" of chemistry. Recently, we became interested in understandinghow light affects proton and electron transfer reactions along with the implications of excited-state (anti)aromaticity for designing functional molecules. We try our best to be good storytellers of our findings.

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Lucas Karas

Postdoctoral Associate

Said Jalife Jacobo

Postdoctoral Associate

Renan Viesser

Postdoctoral Associate

João Soares

PhD Student


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TPOC Meetings

The TPOC (Theoretical physical organic chemistry) meetings are a series of virtual "mini" symposiums started by the Wu and Tantillo labs in the midst of the pandemic in March 2021. We are a supportive and inclusive community. Students and postdocs from research groups around the world have joined these meetings to present their research and exchange ideas. We meet on the second Thursday every month at PDT 9am / CDT 11am. We welcome all flavors of chemists!

Announcement: Starting June, TPOC meetings will be held on the second Thursday every month at CET 10am (for even months) and at PDT 9am / CDT 11am (for odd months). We hope this change will make it possible for more to join us.

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Judy i. wu

Judy grew up in the subtropical island of Taiwan.
She earned a BS (2004) in Chemistry from Tunghai University, Taiwan, and
a PhD (2011) working with Paul Schleyer, at the University of Georgia.

In 2015, she began her independent career at the University of Houston,
Department of Chemistry. Currently, she is an Associate Editor for the
Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry. She has received an IUPAC
Young Chemist Award, an NSF CAREER Award, and an NIH MIRA award.
She was selected as a Sloan Research Fellow in 2020.

She enjoys long walks with her dog, and writing from a cozy corner.

Upcoming Talks

Reaction Mechanisms Conference (RMC)
June 12-15, 2022 (Boulder, CO, USA)

International Symposium of Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry (ISMSC)
June 19-24, 2022 (Eugene, OR, USA)

International Symposium of Novel Aaromatic Compounds (ISNA)
July 3-8, 2022 (Warsaw, Poland)

Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition
July 3-8, 2022 (Calgary, Canada)

International Conference of Excited-State Aromatcity and Antiaromaticity (ICESAA)
December 16-20, 2022 (Kauai, HI, USA)