TPOC Meetings

TPOC (Theoretical physical organic chemistry) meetings are a series of virtual "mini" conferences started by the Wu and Tantillo labs in March 2021. We miss the times of B.C. (before COVID), when sharing science in-person was possible and so created this meeting as a place for students to exchange research stories. We meet on the second Thursday every month at 9am (PST) / 11am (CDT). We welcome all flavors of computational organic chemists to join us!

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2021 Spring/Summer

March 11

1. Lucas Karas (Wu group, U of Houston)

Antiaromaticity—A Hidden Catalyst in Organic Photochemistry

2. Melissa Ramirez (Houk group, UCLA)

Origins of Endo Selectivity in Diels-Alder Reactions of Cyclic Allene Dienophiles

April 8

1. Silvia Escayola (Ottosson, Uppsala / Solà, UDG-IQCC)

Guidelines for Tuning the Excited State Hückel‐Baird
Hybrid Aromatic Character of Pro‐Aromatic
Quinoidal Compounds

2. Justin Airas (Parish group, U of Richmond)

Investigating the Binding Affinity of Novel Thiazolyl-Indazoles to SARS-CoV-2 MPro

May 13

1. Cooper Jamieson (Houk group, UCLA)


2. Terry Blaskovits (Corminboeuf group, EPFL)


June 10

1. Pascal Vermeeren (Hamlin group, VU Amsterdam)


2. Jorge J. Cabrera-Trujillo (Fernandez group, QUIM-QCM)


July 8

1. Marta Castiñeira (Silva group, Vigo)


2. Alistair Sterling (Duarte group, Oxford)


August 12

1. Marc Garner (Corminboeuf group, EPFL)


2. Daniela Rodrigues Silva (Hamlin group, VU Amsterdam)


September 9

1. Pau Besalú-Sala (Solà group, UDG-IQCC)

Computing Charge-Transfer Rates in Fullerene-Based Donor-Acceptor Dyads

2. TBA (Sunoj group, IIT Bombay)